Chem Carriers is a Louisiana-based organization with personnel, equipment, and expertise in the inland marine liquid transportation business.  We currently operate ten towboats, forty inland tank barges, a hundred barge capacity fleeting service, and a small cleaning and repair shipyard.  Additionally, our strategic building program is currently providing us with one towboat and three inland tank barges in late 2015.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you, our prospective customer, on any transportation, fleeting/harbor service, cleaning or repair needs you have.  Our present customers are major petrochemical operations and our optimal lanes of traffic are the GICC west to Houston, Corpus Christi areas and the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  We are inland waters and western rivers capable to most inland shipping ports.  As a team, Chem Carriers prides itself in safe, thorough, punctual delivery.

Our barge fleet consists of forty inland tank barges (eleven 10k bbl, sixteen 11.4k bbl, and thirteen 30K bbl). The average age of our barge fleet is 16.7 years.  Our barges are maintained by our fleet engineers, and are vetted by firms such as ExxonMobil and Shell.  Chem Carriers is available for affreightment, spot, fully-found, or bareboat charters. 

We currently own and operate ten towboats (600hp, 1000hp, 1200hp, 1,500hp, 1,700hp, 1,880hp, 2400hp, 2 x 2,520hp, 3200hp). Five of our boats run in the Mississippi River, between Baton Rouge and the mouth of the river.  Five of our boats operates in the Houston harbor, servicing ports between Corpus Christi and the Mississippi River. All of our AWO-RCP Certified towboats have been vetted by Kirby Corporation, Canal Barge Company, and American Commercial Lines. We are not limited to operating in the Gulf Region. We are available to deliver to most inland and western rivers areas of our waterway system.

Chem Carriers maintains a barge fleeting area at mile 207 on the Mississippi River. This hundred barge fleet is located seventeen miles below Baton Rouge. This location makes it ideal for servicing petrochemical docks in the Plaquemine, Geismar area.  207 FLEET is an alternative to the limited space in Baton Rouge and is within 24 hours of the New Orleans harbor.

Chem Carriers has been in business since 1994 and has developed an Operations and Logistics staff  that are among the best in the industry.  We operate our company around the clock, so after-hours issues are handled expediently and professionally.

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Chem Carriers, LLC transports bulk liquid cargoes on the inland waterways system. Our professional experience and express customer service is key to our mission of wise, safe, and efficient delivery of the goods to your satisfaction.